Virtual Devices, Inc. (VDI) is the world-class leader in Virtual Input Technology (VIT®).  Our portfolio includes products for general and specific applications for industrial, military, medical, commercial and consumer use.  Our unique technology allows a user to control devices and initiate data input by movement and gesture without physical contact.

VDI’s patented technology simplifies the application of VIT® to a broad variety of application.  We have developed applications for computer Virtual Keyboards (VKPC), game simulators such as virtual dance pads and a piano keyboard.  Commercial applications include devices such as control panels for people movers and a number of other unique applications.

The flexibility to design using VIT® for applications in both mass markets and specific user requirements allows the company to position it’s products across a wide spectrum of markets and end-users.

By precise positioning of light sources and detection devices we can sense the user’s intention and convert it to action.  No wires, no buttons, no malfunctions, only a simple movement or gesture indicating intent.