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Virtual Devices, Inc. (VDI’s) mission is to provide unique solutions for data input applications.  Our short term goals include commercialization of the Virtual Keyboard (VKPC) and the introduction of Virtual Input Technology (VIT®) technology to select commercial, industrial and military applications.
In 2002, the company began to develop and market a portable, keyless input keyboard, for use by business travelers, to provide enhanced data input capabilities for PDA’s, smart-phones and laptop PC’s.
The resulting product, was designed and promoted from 2003 through 2006.  This new and extremely innovative product provided expanded and enhanced keyboard input capability.  During this period the company also began intensive research and development into far-reaching applications to be applied in a broad variety of office, industrial, military, medical and commercial processes.

Products emerging from our development pipeline present high-tech and high-performance solutions to countless data input functions.

In 2006, Virtual Devices began development of a new generation of Virtual Input Technology products designed to include greater functionality in broad based applications.  This advanced product line includes new technology requiring a large-scale redesign of the existing product lines resulting in an expanded interest in the marketplace for much wider and more robust applications of our technology.

In 2007, Virtual Devices is preparing to launch a line of successor products, which will be marketed through consumer channels in North America and wider international markets.

In addition, the company has embarked on focused development programs with a select group of manufacturers to embed VIT technology within their products. This market is significant for the company considering the advantages of this technology compared to alternatives that include hard-wiring,  manual push buttons or other input devices which, carry substantial downsides in terms of wear, functionality and cost.