Investor Relations

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Virtual Devices, Inc. (VDI) is a Pennsylvania Corporation that is developing an exciting new technology, providing the basis for a number of product lines.
The redesigned, initial product, the Virtual Keyboard (VKCP) will soon be ready for mass marketing to consumer markets.  This is a vast market into which the company believes it will have has substantial marketing and sales leverage. Indications of acceptance in the market for this product are received by the company on a daily basis including commitments from distributors and from end-users to purchase significant quantities of product when available.

In addition, the company has significantly expanded its development scope and is now heavily focused on developing and prototyping unique customer applications.  This channel will not only provide  product and component sales revenue but a considerable opportunity for license and royalty income streams.Bylaws

For investors interested in participating in the growth and rewards of this exciting new technology please contact:

            Leonard DeLuca

            Virtual Devices, Inc.
            PO Box 101052
            Pittsburgh, PA 15237


            Office: 412-492-8500
            Fax: 509-463-0200