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Virtual Input Technology (VIT®) can be engineered into a variety of applications.  Virtual Devices (VDI) is actively seeking partners who are interested in exploring  ways to substantially improve the effectiveness and cost of their existing data input solutions by adapting our powerful VIT®capabilities.

Virtual Devices is currently working on a number of exclusive and proprietary developments for clients that will enable then to move to an entirely new and evolutionary mode of data input..  While consumer applications such as the Virtual Keyboard (VKPC) will soon be available in the consumer market, we believe that the most innovative and value added applications will be found in the commercial and industrial segments.

Wherever you have situations that require input of data, whether is be in extreme climates, harsh weather, hardened, shock-resistant, sterile or high-use high-wear environments we believe that VIT® solutions will fit your requirements far better than present mechanical data input options.

There are a variety of development and application relationships with VDI that are available ranging from:

  • Co-development/co-branding
  • Proprietary development and branding
  • Self-funded development
  • VDI funded development
  • License and royalty agreements

If you want to share in the evolution of data input give us a call:

Steve Montellese
Virtual Devices, In.
PO Box 101052
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Office:  (412) 492-8500
Fax:     (509)463-0200