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Technology innovation and its application drives our company.  We are applying advanced imaging capabilities born from our roots as a leading-edge machine vision company to a variety of new and exciting computer interface applications.
The initial products emerging from our development pipeline present high-tech and high-performance solutions to data input functions.
The founder of Virtual Devices, Inc. is a seasoned technology leader in the field of machine vision.  Steve Montellese, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, holds numerous patents in this field and is considered an industry leader in the application of advanced technologies to machine vision.  As a result, advanced machine vision concepts form the basic technology platform of the company.
Virtual Input Technology (VIT®) is the culmination of our considerable depth and range of experience in applying light sensing and measurement technology to data input technology.

The basic functions of VIT® involve the synchronized positioning of light emitting and sensing devices to detect user input indications and the conversion of this indication though proprietary software into an electronic command including Multi-touch technology.

The operation of the technology is straightforward, substantially simplifying the input of data commands into computers, provides excellent opportunity to reduce the cost of product applications, considerably minimizes maintenance, and input device  malfunction.
Our products prove that not only can continuing research and development lead to new, and effective products but can also yield cost savings and improved efficiency.